Accessible Technology

The Center for Disability Services/SNAP provides a wide range of technology options for students.

Certain technology is available for loan to students registered with CDS/SNAP. Quantities of some items available for loan are limited and issued on a "first come, first served" basis. All requestors must return equipment within the agreed upon lending period and in good condition (showing no signs of misuse).

If you are an incoming or currently enrolled CofC student, please complete this assessment so we can assist you in determining what AT you might benefit from using.
Contact CDS/SNAP staff for questions, concerns, or support.  

Read & Write

  • A full software suite that assists with reading, writing, studying and research available to all CofC students, faculty, and staff. It is available for both Windows and Mac
  • Can be used on your device on or off campus
  • Has a Google Chrome browser extension as another option. It offers great tools and is available whenever you sign into Chrome with your CofC credentials
  • Accessing Read & Write
    • The Student Software Tutorials page has information about downloading and installing the software for Windows, Mac, or Google Chrome. You can also find videos and other resources pertaining to the software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  • Use this Speech Recognition Software to turn your spoken words into text
  • Create documents, emails, surf the web and more by talking to a microphone on your computer
  • Use simple voice commands to execute tasks and control most programs on your computer



  • A Google Chrome browser-based application that can be used online or offline
  • Pinpoint important information and keep a recording of class meetings
  • Annotate different parts of the recording either while you are participating the first time or listening back after the class meetings so that you can come back to those most essential pieces of information
  • More information
  • Student Testimonials
    • "I really like Glean. It has many features I find valuable..."
    • "It was very helpful in my in-person classes that weren't recorded, so I could go back and listen to the lectures."

Livescribe SmartPens

  • Smartpens allow users to focus on listening and participating instead of worrying whether you are catching every word
  • As you jot down notes or sketches, your smartpen captures them and bring them into the digital world
  • With a single tap, you can record audio along with your notes
  • The pen has internal memory which means it can hold a lot of audio and many pages of notes
  • Specialized notebook paper is used with the pen
  • Video
  • Student Testimonials
    • "Definitely works perfectly. The audio quality is quite impressive, too..."
    • "It was such a great technology..."

Microsoft OneNote


*Otter AI

* First 600 minutes are free; low cost plans (student responsibility) are available.

  • Record and playback
  • Transcribe in real time
  • Identify speakers
  • Generate summary keywords
  • Organize with folders
  • Export audio and text
  • And more!


Digital Voice Recorders

  • Record your lectures on a portable device
  • Listen to your lectures on the device or upload them to your computer using the USB cable (included)
  • Folder system allows you to organize recordings by class

FM Amplification Systems

  • A frequency-modulated (FM) system is an assistive listening device that makes it easier for people with hearing loss to hear what others are saying in noisy environments, such as a classroom
  • This wireless system, also called a personal FM system, uses radio waves to deliver speech signals directly from the speaker's mouth to the listener's ears

Other free or low cost technology tools/apps available (e.g. reading, study skills, time management stress management)

More apps to assist with studying,motivation, and staying active

Find out the difference between accessible technology and assistive technology