iCharleston Students

If you have been accepted to the iCharleston program for your first semester, please review the feedback below provided by former iCharleston students. 

 Should you have more questions pertaining to iCharleston, please reach out to them at ichs@cofc.edu.


Advice from…
Former iCharleston Students to New iCharleston Students
Preparing for the Transition to CofC in the Spring Semester


      Come by the Center for Disability Services/SNAP while you’re at the College of Charleston during summer orientation – either to acquaint yourself with where we’re located or to inquire about the services/supports that are available to you beginning in January.

      Review (during the summer at the earliest) the Registering with CDS Page - Incoming or Currently Enrolled Students on CofC’s Center for Disability Services/SNAP website so you know what materials you need to submit – especially if you anticipate needing accommodations for the spring semester. However, for the fall semester in which you'll be participating in the iCharleston program:

  • Each iCharleston location has a specified support plan for students needing academic accommodations. You will need to request your accommodations and provide required documentation during the onboarding process with our partner institutions at our various locations. Each location has a different process and you will be communicated to by the partner institution shortly after you receive your site selection email from the College of Charleston (this occurs in late April). If you have further questions about academic accommodations you are encouraged to review our partner websites for this information. If you need help please reach out to iCharleston offices directly at 843.953.6310.

      Familiarize yourself with the support services (e.g. Center for Disability Services, Center for Student Learning, Academic Advising and Planning Center) available at CofC while you’re studying abroad. A lot of information is available on each department’s website.

      Complete and submit the CDS/SNAP Application and send your disability-related documentation to CofC’s Center for Disability Services/SNAP. Plan to do this immediately following your fall break (either in October or November) using SecureShare.

  • Begin to regularly check your CofC email account – especially once you submit your application and disability-related documentation. Create sub-folders, one entitled Center for Disability Services/SNAP to help in staying organized. You’ll receive an email from someone in the Center for Disability Services/SNAP with next steps on how you should proceed after we review the materials you submit. This review process takes approximately 7-10 business days.

  •  Attend meetings your Site Director has organized– including ones about the transition to CofC.

We hope that this information is helpful. Please reach out to us at 843 953 1431 or at snap@cofc.edu with any questions or concerns you might have.