Syllabus Statement

Every College of Charleston syllabus needs to include a statement encouraging students with disabilities to make their needs known to the instructor early in the semester and to inform students that the Center for Disability Services/SNAP is a source of support. A statement on the syllabus along with a verbal announcement at the beginning of the term also helps the university to fulfill part of its obligation to make sure that students are aware of the available support and opportunity to request disability-related accommodations from the institution. This also provides an opportunity to foster a welcoming environment for all students and to acknowledge the range of diversity in the classroom.

The following sample serves as a guideline syllabus statement:

The Center for Disability Services/SNAP is committed to assisting qualified students with disabilities achieve their academic goals by providing reasonable academic accommodations under appropriate circumstances. If you have a disability and anticipate the need for an accommodation in order to participate in this class, please connect with the Center for Disability Services/SNAP. They will assist you in getting the resources you may need to participate fully in this class. You can contact the Center for Disability Services/SNAP office at 843.953.1431 or at You can find additional information and request academic accommodations at the Center for Disability Services/SNAP website.