Students with Psychological Disabilities

The number of students identifying with a psychological disability is increasing on college campuses.  Some individuals arrive at college with a pre-diagnosed disability while others are identified for the first time with a psychological disability due to the typical age of onset occurring during the college years.

Suggested classroom practices

  • Provide a syllabus with clear explanations of tasks and specific due dates.
  • Try to be creative/flexible in requiring or assigning group work.
  • Discuss inappropriate classroom and interactive behavior with the student in a private and respectful manner, delineating if necessary the limits of acceptable conduct.
  • Be open to suggestions from the students about how to best accommodate their needs.

Possible recommended academic accommodations

  • Extended time for tests and /or assignments or projects; students may need extended time for a variety of reasons concerning their condition or medication.
  • Ability to make up work due to medical absence; students may be absent due to treatment sessions or hospitalization.

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