ATS Sign-up Process


Test requests will not be reviewed until the following Monday if received between 3:00pm on Friday through 8:30am on Monday.

Fall/Spring and Summer Hours
Monday-Friday:  8:30am-3:00pm (tests must be completed by 4:45pm)

Final Exam Hours
Available exam times will be at 8:00am, 11am, and 2pm.

  • Students MUST schedule each test at least five (5) business days in advance. This allows the ATS staff ample time to check for seat availability, request the test from the professor, and to receive any testing materials/instructions from the professor. We recognize that miscalculations are inevitable; however, we must adhere to a consistent scheduling process for the benefit all of the students and professors who coordinate tests with our office.

  • If you have questions regarding the scheduling process, please contact us at

    If you have a Professor Notification Letter (PNL) which identifies testing-related accommodations, and have shared it with your professor, you may proceed with the following steps:

1. Open ATS form

  • Before filling out the ATS Form, download the document and rename it with your last name and course name (Last Name-CourseName - e.g. Jones-PSYC 103).

2. Complete page 1 in its entirety, save it, and then click ATS at CDS/SNAP to submit it.

3. In ATS at CDS/SNAP, make the subject line in the same as what you renamed the form as: (
LastName-CourseName - e.g. Jones-PSYC 103).

  • Once you submit the ATS form, you will receive the following message:  “You will receive a download receipt when your files have been downloaded." 

Your submitted form will be processed by CDS/SNAP staff within 24-48 hours

- Unless we need to get in touch with you regarding an issue with the information you included on the ATS form (page 1 only), it will be sent to your professor for the completion of page 2.  Prior to the day/time of your test at ATS, we will receive your test and the completed ATS form from your professor.

- If you need to cancel or reschedule a test that you signed up for, email