Priority Registration

Priority registration is offered to all SNAP students. This entitles students to register for classes before many of their peers to ensure that they can find class times to meet their needs (e.g., no back-to-back classes, classes during peak effectiveness of medication).

Procedures for priority registration are as follows:

  • Students with no declared major should contact the Academic Advising and Planning Center (AAPC) to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor. Your academic advisor will assist you in making your course selections.
  • Students with an officially declared major should make an appointment with their major advisor. If a student needs to discuss disability issues related to course selection (e.g., location of classrooms and timing of classes) or to seek assistance in selecting alternative courses, they should also make an appointment to see their academic advisor at the AAPC. The meeting with their academic advisor should take place as soon as possible after the student has met with their major advisor. If the student does not need to see an academic advisor, the student may register on MyCharleston during priority registration or their regularly scheduled time.

  • The earlier you see an advisor and register on MyCharleston, the more likely you are to obtain the courses you need.

    Every fall and spring semester the Center for Disability Services/SNAP will send students connected with our office an email about the priority registration date. The email will include what steps you need to take in order to take advantage of priority registration.  Note:  There is no priority registration for summer classes. All students can start registering for these classes on the same date.