Request Letter for Foreign Language Alternatives

This letter will need to be included in your application packet along with your CDS/SNAP application (pdf format or Microsoft Word (.doc) format) and your diagnostic documentation.

  1. Briefly, tell us about yourself. Include the number of years you have attended the College of Charleston or when you will be entering the College, and your major or potential major. Also, if it was determined at an earlier age that you have a learning disability, please explain and attach documentation if available.
  2. Do you want to petition for alternative courses to the foreign language requirement?  Please explain.
  3. Explain why it would be appropriate for you to take alternative courses. Describe experiences you have had in the past with the subject (high school and college level, if applicable) and what efforts have been made to try to remediate the problem (e.g., private tutoring, additional help from the instructor). High school grades reflecting difficulty with the subject would be appropriate to include.
  4. Sign and date your letter (typed name is not sufficient) and retain a copy for your files.

Address your letter of request to:

Center for Disability Services
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424

Your request letter should be submitted via SecureShare.