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Temporary Injuries

We understand that a temporary injury can be very disruptive and, in some cases, adversely affect a student's ability to fully participate in their classes. Although temporary injuries do not qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and special services are not required to be delivered by the College, the Center for Disability Services will make every effort to provide assistance in such situations when resources are available.

Temporary Injury Affecting the Use of Dominant Hand or Arm

Assistance available through the Center For Disability Services:

  • Scribe for taking quizzes/exams
  • Use of a computer for lecture note taking, in-class essays and essay exams
  • Extra time to complete quizzes/exams

Temporary Injury Affecting Mobility

If mobility is an issue due to an injury or surgery, mobility aids are often prescribed by doctors and appropriately fitted. Mobility aids may include, but are not limited to, a boot, crutches, scooter, manual wheelchair or motorized wheelchair. Though our campus is relatively small and centrally located, transportation may become a problem. Here are some transportation resources within the Charleston area:

  • Students living on campus:
  • Students living off campus:
    • Arrange a ride to class with a friend or roommate
    • Call a cab
      • Yellow Cab: 843.577.6565
      • Black Cab Company: 843.216.2627; Cabs are wheelchair accessible and they have a van with a lift
      • Use the CARTA bus system. Call 843.724.7420 or visit their website for routes, stop locations, schedules, and Tel-A-Ride Service. All of CARTA's vehicles are wheelchair accessible.