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Incoming or Currently Enrolled Students

If you are an incoming or currently enrolled College of Charleston student and would like to apply for services, submit the following documents to the Center for Disability Services:


  • CDS-SNAP Application (Before completing this online application, please be sure to submit your diagnostic documentation, preferably by email to
  • One copy of your diagnostic documentation (e.g., psycho-educational report) that meets the criteria required by the College of Charleston


Once your complete application packet is submitted, an administrator evaluates the application and supporting documentation, and makes a recommendation of approval or denial. A letter of approval or denial will be sent to your College of Charleston email address approximately five to ten business days of receipt of your materials.

If your request for accommodations is approved, the email you receive will include a CDS/SNAP Acknowledgement Form and a Student's Guide to SNAP ServicesPlease refer to the approval letter to learn about the remaining steps required to receive your Professor Notification Letter (PNL).

If your request for accommodations is denied, you may appeal to the Director of the Center for Disability Services.