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This agreement must be signed by every student applying to use the Alternate Testing Site (ATS) at the Center for Disability Services (CDS). By signing this form, the student has agreed to abide by these rules every time they use the Alternative Testing Site.

  1. I have not reserved a time that will, in any way, interfere with other classes, labs, exams, or other school-related responsibilities. Should a test interfere with other classes, labs, exams, or other school-related responsibilities, I understand that CDS will not be held responsible nor will they excuse my absence.
  2. It is my responsibility to reserve a time agreeable to the professor that will allow me ample time to finish the exams during the working hours of Disability Services (8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday). I cannot change the time of a scheduled test without the professor’s prior written permission.
  3. I am responsible for arriving at the time of my reservation to take the test. I understand that coming at a later time does not guarantee that I will have a space. I also understand that my professor may limit the time when I can begin my test. I understand that CDS has set times to take exams and I will complete my exam by 4:45 to allow time to comply with the professor’s instructions regarding the return of the test. CDS is not responsible for incomplete exams due to insufficient testing time.
  4. I understand that I am responsible for leaving food, drinks, bookbags, cell phones, and any items not allowed by the professor as indicated on the ATS form in the front office; and that I will take care of all personal needs before beginning the test.
  5. I am aware that security cameras will monitor all activities in the testing site to protect me from unsubstantiated accusations.
  6. When using ATS, I am to give my professor the gray ATS testing accommodation form one week prior to the test to allow him or her time to make arrangements for the accommodation. If I do not give the testing packet to my professor on time, it is the professor’s prerogative not to accommodate my request.
  7. When presenting the ATS testing accommodation form to my professor, I will confirm with him or her how the test will be delivered to CDS.


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