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Assistive Technology

Accessible electronic and information technology incorporates the principles of universal design. Each user is able to interact with the technology in ways that work best for him or her. Accessible technology is either directly accessible – meaning that it is usable without assistive technology - or it is compatible with standard assistive technology.   Just as buildings that have ramps and elevators that make navigating an area accessible for people with and without disabilities, products that adhere to accessible design principles are usable by people of all abilities.

It is proven that students with disabilities who enter college having and knowing how to use needed technology feel much more confident about their transition.  By researching this site our hope is that readers find what they need to meet their individualized learning needs. 

Please check this site often.  Technology is always changing and improving.  We strive to keep up with this information and let you know what is available on the internet, and what we have for students through the Center for Disability Services/SNAP!

Also, did you know that the Addlestone Library has iPads available for check-out?  They also have a website devoted to apps and other technologies!  Check out that information here:  CofC Addlestone Library - Helpful Apps.

Disclosure: Permission to share this information comes from Alyssa Marinaccio, Assistive Technology Coordinator at  at Keene State College, Keene, N.H.

Assistive Technology Resources:
Office of Disability Services - Texas State
Center for Students with Disabilities - University of Connecticut