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Psychological Disabilities

To document eligibility for SNAP Services based on a psychiatric/psychological disability, the student submits a report that meets the following guidelines:
  1. Completed within the last six months. (The changing nature of psychiatric and psychological disorders makes recent information essential to identifying accommodations appropriate to the current impact of the disorder.)
  2. Administered by one of the following:
    • Licensed psychologist
    • Psychiatrist
    • Licensed professional counselor
    • Clinical social worker
    • Psychiatric nurse practitioner
    • Please Note: Evaluations administered by a relative are not accepted.
  3. Includes:
    • A DSM diagnosis
    • Current GAF score
    • A description of presenting symptoms, their severity and duration, and any relevant medical history
    • Dates of treatment and type of treatment provided, including medications prescribed and side effects
    • The expected progression of the disorder
    • The functional impact of the disorder on the student in an educational setting during the previous six months
    • The evaluator's signature, credentials, and licensing number
A documentation form for psychiatric/psychological disorders is available in the CDS office or online. The evaluator, in lieu of a written report, may complete such a form.
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