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Peer Notes

A SNAP student may have Peer Notes as an accommodation because he/she is unable to take complete or accurate notes due to a number of reasons, some of which are visible (such as having a paralyzed or broken hand) or invisible (such as having an auditory or language processing problem, vision or hearing impairment).

The purpose of a note-taker is to have a peer succinctly record the main points of what is stated, highlighting the important key topics or themes that are emphasized by the instructor, defining new vocabulary, and organizing the material to best present the class information.

What Peer Notes are NOT:

  • Peer Notes are not a word-for-word record of what happens in the class
  • Having an assigned note-taker is NOT a substitute for attending class

Procedures for Getting Note Takers - Steps to assist SNAP student with getting a note-taker
You have note takers as an accommodation and here are the procedures for getting them.
At the first of the semester or when accepted into the SNAP program do the following:

  • Make an appointment with each professor for the classes that you will need a note-taker for. You will give the professor your Professor Notification Letter (PNL) and the Professor Note-taker letter, and discuss your needs for a note taker.
  • Email the SNAP office a list of those classes for which you have requested a note taker, including the subject, section number (HIST-101-01) and name of the professor. The SNAP office will keep track of the professor, classes and the note taker but not delivery of notes, though notes will be delivered to the SNAP office.
  • The professor will ask the class directly or via email, if anyone is interested in being a note taker for that class. If you know someone in class who will share their notes with you, you can make arrangements yourself to get those notes and then give the SNAP office the contact information.
  • The professor or the note taker will contact this office identifying him/herself.
  • You will be notified of the note taker’s name and contact information, but we will not reveal your name unless you give us permission.
  • Note takers will be instructed to turn in their notes at least twice a week. Note takers can email class notes to to be forwarded to you or class notes will be emailed directly to you or the note takers can use carbonless paper.
  • We offer note takers priority registration for the next major semester.
  • You must notify the SNAP office immediately if notes are not received in a timely fashion or if the notes are not satisfactory. If another note taker is needed, you need to talk with your professor.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact this office immediately.

Procedures for SNAP students needing note takers (a printable pdf of the information above)

Note Taker Training (a pdf)



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