Center for Disability Services / SNAP

The Center for Disability Services is dedicated to
  • Ensuring that all programs and services of the College of Charleston are accessible;
  • Providing reasonable and effective accommodations while promoting independence in the student;
  • Offering educational opportunities to students, faculty and staff that enhance understanding of the various types of disabilities, promoting an environment respectful of all;
  • Serving as a resource center for students, faculty, staff and the community.

What is SNAP? (Students Needing Access Parity)

  • Provides assistance and guidance to students with a documented disability to ensure equal access to all programs and services of the College;
  • Center for Disability Services (CDS)/SNAP is located in the Lightsey Center, Suite 104;
  • Approximately 850 students in the SNAP program of the 11,000 enrolled students at the College of Charleston;

* Please use the links in the navigation bar to the left to learn more about the CDS/SNAP resources and processes or to contact our office.

Have you encountered a barrier to access on campus?
Please access the Barrier Notification Form on the Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) Policies and Forms section of the website. 


  • Service to others to give back joy and hope.
  • Positive relationships with Faculty, Staff and Students.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Respect for others' values.
  • Value everyone's individuality and uniqueness.
  • Friends and family support and imparting of confidence.
  • Environmental stewardship.