Center for Disability Services / SNAP

During CofC's e-learning period (March 23 - end of semester (including finals)), the Center for Disability Services will continue to be available to support you.

If you need to schedule a meeting, it will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Please email to request a meeting. The staff in the Center for Disability Services will get everything set up and will email you about how to log-in on the day/time of the meeting.

While we are working remotely, if you have any documents to send to the Center for Disability Services to review (e.g.: application for services, disability-related documentation) please share that with us via SecureShare. Students (incoming and current students) are asked to submit these materials using their College of Charleston email account. An evaluator or treatment provider can submit documentation (e.g.: evaluation; CDS/SNAP disability verification form) for an incoming or enrolled student through SecureShare. When a file has successfully been submitted using SecureShare, you will receive the following message:  “Files Sent, Thank you!”

Please don't hesitate to email us at or call us at 843.953.1431 with your questions. We will respond to your email or phone call as soon as possible.

For Faculty:

If you have quizzes or tests that you'll be administering in OAKS, this article in the IT Knowledge Base section will provide you with instructions on how to easily set that up. You can also watch this video which will go over the step-by-step process to extend the time in OAKS.

If you'd like more information about ways to make your course in OAKS accessible, please visit this page.

For other questions relating to students with disabilities, our FAQ's page might be helpful.


The Center for Disability Services is dedicated to
  • Ensuring that all programs and services of the College of Charleston are accessible;
  • Providing reasonable and effective accommodations while promoting independence in the student;
  • Offering educational opportunities to students, faculty and staff that enhance understanding of the various types of disabilities, promoting an environment respectful of all;
  • Serving as a resource center for students, faculty, staff and the community.

What is SNAP? (Students Needing Access Parity)

  • Provides assistance and guidance to students with a documented disability to ensure equal access to all programs and services of the College;
  • Center for Disability Services (CDS)/SNAP is located in the Lightsey Center, Suite 104;
  • Approximately 850 students in the SNAP program of the 11,000 enrolled students at the College of Charleston;

* Please use the links in the navigation bar to the left to learn more about the CDS/SNAP resources and processes or to contact our office.

Have you encountered a barrier to access on campus?
Please access the Barrier Notification Form on the Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) Policies and Forms section of the website. 


  • Service to others to give back joy and hope.
  • Positive relationships with Faculty, Staff and Students.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Respect for others' values.
  • Value everyone's individuality and uniqueness.
  • Friends and family support and imparting of confidence.
  • Environmental stewardship.